Water Distillation Unit


Model – 1311000


Water distillation unit ideal for general laboratory use – capable of producing pyrogen free water. Features: Abundant Output, 4 liters/hr of distilled water produced through a power input of 3 KW by a chromium plated heater housed in a horizontal Glass Boiler Distilled output is cool ensured by a high efficiency condenser. Temperature of distillate 25.0°C – 40.0°C tested for ambient room temperature of 30.0° C.


  • The stand is powder coated for long rust free Operation.
  • Heater is a 3 KW Chromium plated heater fitted with a thermostat, which shuts off automatically in case of water supply failure.
  • The Boiler & Condenser are designed for high efficiency and provided with threading for easy plumbing of condenser.
  • Boiler is provided with Teflon screw cork for inside cleaning of the boiler.
  • Output: 4lit/hr Conductivity.
  • Distillare Quality: Pyrogen free.


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