Student Compound Microscope


Model – 1152


Base: Stable and robust, traditional horse shoe base.

Body: All aluminium pressure die casting Inclined through 90 standard tube length of 160mm

Focusing: Separate coarse and fine motion knobswith graduation on one side. Coarse movement by rack and pinion and fine movement by screw lever mechanism.

Nosepiece: Triple Revolving Nosepiece is providedwith positive click stop for proper centring.

Stage: Fixed square stage 110×110 mm with stageclips to hold the side.

Illumination: Illumination through a 50 mm diameter Plano concave mirror mounted on gimbals mount.

Objectives: Two Achromatic Objectives of 10x and45x spring loaded.

Eyepieces: Two Huygeniun Eyepieces of 10x and15x.Condenser : Sub Stage Abbe fixed Condenser with N.A 1.25. Iris diaphragm and filter holder aremounted with the condenser.

Packing: Standard packing in Thermacoal and carton box.


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