Analog Galvanometer


Model – 0000000


MANIKARN Analog Galvanometer Used for Detecting and Measuring Electric Current in Physics Experiment and Teaching.

1. Simple pointer zeroing, high accuracy, easy operation and sensitive to detect electric current.
2. It can be widely applied in education, laboratory and scientific applications and industrial areas.
3. The transparent protective shell can prevent it from dust and reduce damage.
4. The reading in the Galvanometer is quite large and obvious, which makes it easy to read and recognize.

1. Check whether the pointer is aligned to zero before using it.
2. When it is connected in series in the circuit, the higher end of the “G” terminal is used. Attention should be paid to disconnecting the power supply when connecting the circuit.
3. When measuring current, it can be connected in series in the circuit. If the pointer deflects to the right, it indicates that the current flows from the positive end of the circuit in galvanometer. Vice versa.


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