Medical Microscope


Model – 1154


Body: Inclined horizontal through 90 standard tube length of 160mm.

Focusing: Separate coarse and fine motion knobs with graduation on one side. Coarse movement by rack andpinion and fine movement by screw lever mechanics.

Nosepiece: Triple revolving nosepiece is provided with positive click stop for proper centring.

Mechanical Stage: Fixed square 125x125mm with brass mechanical stage to hold and move the side Properly for object centring.

Illumination: Illumination through a 50 mm diameter Plano concave mirror mounted on gimbals mount.

Objectives: Achromatic objectives of 10x and 45x and100x (Immersion oil, spring loaded)

Eyepieces: Wide field 10x and hygeniun eyepieces of15xMagnification : 100 x to 1500x

Condenser: Moveable condenser is provided with iris diaphragm having 1.25 N.A

Packing: Standard packing in Thermacoal and carton box.


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