Laboratory Spectrometer


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Laboratory spectrometer offered by us are extensively demanded in the market due to its robust structure that includes telescope & collimator that have fine rack & pinion motion and are mounted on a stable heavy C. I. base with three leveling screws. Customers are eased with the availability of the Student Spectrometer in Brass and Stainless Steel Scale in both the sizes of 15.0 cm (6″) and 17.5 cm (7″) of protected circle. Moreover, we are listed at the apex in the list of the preeminent Scientific Spectrometer Suppliers in India.
Collimator :- Its purpose is to produce parallel beam of light. It is fitted with special quality of 175mm F.L. achromatic object glass and of wide clear aperture. It is fitted with rack & pinion focusing.
Slit :- It is fixed to the Collimator tube end and is of stainless steel. It has two sharp edges, which are optically true, one edge is fixed while other moves parallel to it.
Telescope :- It is an astronomical telescope fitted with an achromatic objective of highest quality and clear aperture. It is mounted on another are which is fixed rigidly to the circular scale of the spectrometer. The telescope along with the scale can be turned round a vertical axis passing through the centre of the spectrometer.
Prism Table :- It has an upper plate and lower plate separated by three springs through which it pass three leveling screws. A series of concentric circle with the axis of rotation of the prism as its centre, are engraved on the prism table along with two lines at right angles passing through the centre of the prism table.
Base :- The sturdy base with heavy casting along with two level screws gives the instrument stability and horizontal leveling.

Model Available :-

  • 6” Spectrometer with venire constant with 1 minute or 30 second are, 10x Ramsden eye piece finest optics fully achromatic 7” focal length aperture 1”.
  • 7” Spectrometer has protected circle of 7”. As per requirement provided with two venires of 1 minute or 30 seconds. Finest optics fully achromatic 7” focal length, aperture 1”. Scale graduation is 1/2º or 1º range 360 º, and venire constant 30 seconds, 10x Ramsden eye piece cross line graticule (glass) Magnifiers.
  • Advanced Research Spectrometer:-Research Spectrometer 9” circle and 2 venire scale, graduated gunmetal 9” scale divided into 1/3 º divisions, accuracy of calibration ± 0.0001%, two opposite venires to read upto 20 seconds. Finest optics 9” focal length and 1 dia meter 10x Gauss eye piece.

Optional Accessories:-

  • Diffraction Grating
  • Sodium Vapour Lamp, Transformer Sodium Lamp Wooden Box.
  • Magnifiers 4”
  • Prism


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