Binocular Microscope – Coaxial


Model – 1158


Nose Piece: Quadruple Ball Bearing Nose Piece gives smooth touch while rotating the objective.

Objectives: DIN Size Semi PLAN Objective 4x, 10x, 40x springs Loaded 100x with immersion oil gives Flat and Sharp Image.

Head: Well Collimated Large Nikon type head 360 degree Rotatable and 45 degree Inclined gives stain free View.

Eye Pieces: Pair of 10x anti fungus coated 18mm Wide Field.

Illumination: Through built in base 3V LED light source for Bright and Stain free Field of View.

Condenser: Bright Field Sub Stage moveable Condenser Having1.25 N.A. Iris diaphragm to hold the filter.

Mechanical Stage: Coaxial Mechanical Stage for X-Y movement.

Focusing System: Co-axial Focusing System with Three Planetary Gears Assembly works on ball bearing Mechanism.

Packing: Well standard packed Styrofoam and carton Box packing.

Accessories: White filter, Immersion oil for 100x objective, Microscopes dust Cover and cloth for cleaning the lenses.


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